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Be the person Uncle Iroh knows you can be

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Cute, bright and showing off legs :) by shortcuttothestars 


Cute, bright and showing off legs :) by shortcuttothestars 



So uh, I haven’t seen this on my dash, but check out this kickstarter!

They’re waterballoons that SELF TIE, make a HUNDRED at a time, AND AND they’re biodegradablee!! Seriously why isn’t this all over my dash yet??

They’ve already reached WAY over their goal, but you can still get some early bird deliveries for an early start of the water balloon madness!

What a time to be alive

What they said:
Sakura is useless.
What I heard:
Despite her growing up with talentless civilian parents and being ignored by her gennin sensei, I will hold Sakura to the standards set by the son of the Fourth Hokage who has a limitless chakra source inside him and the heir to the Uchiha clan who wouldn't have done anything out of the ordinary if it weren't for his inherited magical eyes and a curse seal. I am incapable of judging her on her own, so I won't acknowledge how amazing it is that despite her origins she became a tremendous medical ninja, helped defeat a member of Akatsuki, and saved hundreds of lives all at the age of 15. I will constantly compare her to the two most haxed characters in the world who wouldn't have done anything special if not for circumstances of birth because I'm dumb.
There is something about poverty that smells like death. Dead dreams dropping off the heart like leaves in a dry season and rotting around the feet; impulses smothered too long in the fetid air of underground caves. The soul lives in a sickly air. People can be slave-ships in shoes.
—Zora Neale Hurston, Dust Tracks on a Road: An Autobiography (New York:  HarperCollins, 1996), 87. (Originally published 1942)

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lace-up short boots


lace-up short boots



Anonymous sent: You're a little obsessed with yourself, aren't you?


well no one else is gonna do it

Legit Tip #97


There are no more truly original ideas. 

If you believe that your idea is 100% original, it’s not. 

If you’re seeking a story idea that’s 100% original, give up. You won’t find one.

This doesn’t have to be the death knell in your writerly ambitions. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. It’s liberation.

Stop worrying about how to make your story original and focus on being open, honest, and above all interesting in your writing. The thing that will make your story original is you. You are the only one who can tell your story in the specific way that you want to tell it. Once you figure that out - and you figure out what it is that makes you (and therefore your writing) unique - then you’ll be able to create something fresh, exciting, and … dare I say it?